trigger representationChanging

Interactive trigger that handles processing when the user starts to edit a node or leaf in the Tree widget.

trigger representationChanging
  string itemValue: in

; <Your code here>

end ; trigger representationChanging
Applies to: Form widgets: utree (Tree)
Activation: Activated when the user starts to edit an item in the Tree widget.
Default behavior: None
Behavior upon completion: None


itemValue—value of the item that is being changed


A user can change the text of a node or leaf in a tree only if the tree widget property Inline Edit is TRUE. In this case, the representationChanging trigger is fired after the user completes the following sequence of actions:

  1. Selects a node or leaf in the tree
  2. Double-clicks the mouse or presses the F2 key to allow a change to be made

The value of the ValRep item being edited is passed to the trigger.

The representationChanging trigger is can be useful if you need to lock the occurrence being edited.

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