trigger moveFrom

Interactive trigger that handles processing when one or more items are moved from one widget to another by a drag and drop action.

trigger moveFrom
   string dragvalue : in
   string dropformat : in
   numeric numberofobjects : in
   numeric index : in
; <Your code here>
end ; trigger moveFrom

Applies to:

Form widgets: upicture (Picture), utree (Tree)


Activated on the drag source widget when a Move drop action occurs, once for each selected object.

Default behavior:


Behavior upon completion:



  • dragvalue— value of the dragged object
  • dropformat—negotiated drop format

For multiple drops:

  • numberofobjects—number of multiple objects being dropped
  • index—numeric index, starting with 1, of the object being dropped


Tree and Picture widgets support drag and drop behavior using drag-and-drop formats, which are global objects that define the actions, pop-up menu, and cursor icons available when dragging or dropping objects in these widgets. For more information, see Drag and Drop Behavior for Tree and Picture Widgets.

The moveFrom trigger is fired after moveTo. Both moveFrom and moveTo are only fired if the drag source and drop target are in different widgets, otherwise moveWithin is used.

If the ProcScript in the trigger returns -1, the associated object is not dropped. If it returns -2, the drop action is aborted for all objects.

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