Uniface ProcScript

ProcScript is Uniface's scripting language. It is used to define application behavior that is not available by default or cannot be captured in development object properties.

ProcScript provides high-level statements, functions, expressions, and operators that enable you to efficiently manipulate data and script application behavior. It is a powerful language that condenses complex processing into single commands.

Most development objects have object-specific containers in which you can define ProcScript modules that respond to specific events, or which can be called internally or exposed to other components.

You can also create libraries containing reusable ProcScript modules that are called during development (IncludeScript) or at runtime (Global ProcScript).

ProcScript is executed by the Uniface runtime engine when:

  • An event activates a trigger ProcScript module associated with an object.
  • An operation ProcScript module is called by another operation or component.
  • An entry ProcScript module is called from elsewhere in the component.

For more information, see Scripting Application Behavior and Script Modules.