Scripting Application Behavior

Uniface enables you to script application behavior using ProcScript, Uniface's own scripting language, and JavaScript, the most widely-used scripting language for web applications.

Uniface provides a great deal of built-in behavior for retrieving, storing, and validating data in an application, making it possible to create a working component in a matter of minutes with almost no programming at all. However, to provide custom behavior and functionality, you need to script procedural logic. At runtime, this logic is executed in response to user events and system calls.

ProcScript is used to implement logic that is executed on the server or in desktop applications. JavaScript can be used for logic that needs to be executed in a client web browser. For more information, see ProcScript Syntax and JavaScript.

The runtime logic consists of compiled ProcScript modules that are analogous to events and methods in other programming languages. For more information, see Script Modules.

During development, you create the ProcScript modules in code containers that belong to Component, Application Shell, Entity, and Field objects.

You can also create large or small fragments of code as IncludeScript that is inserted into ProcScript modules during compilation or as Snippets, which are copied into a container. And you can define Global ProcScript entries that can be called from anywhere in the application at runtime.

To understand where you should code specific behavior, it is useful to understand how Uniface runtime processing works. For more information, see Uniface Runtime Processing and Code Containers.

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