Open a Main Development Object for Editing

Each main development object is opened in its own editor.

You can open a main development object in the following ways:

  • In the Main U-Bar, browse or search for an object, or enter a complete URL for an object. See Find and Open Objects Using the Main U-Bar.
  • In the Project Editor, double-click a main development object in the Structure pane, or choose Open from the context menu.
  • In the Component Editor, you can:
    • Right-click a modeled entity in the Model tab of the Resource Browser and choose Open.
    • Double-click an inherited ProcScript module in the Compiled Module Inspector to open the object where it is defined.
  • For signatures, DTDs, most global objects, language setups, and modeled properties, click More Editors in the upper right corner of the Uniface IDE and select the type of object.
  • To open a palette of templates, you can:
    • Select a Template in the Resource Browser, right click and choose Open.
    • In the U-Bar, select an object type and then enter the word palette.

    Note: This is only possible if the logical ALLOW_BROWSE_TEMPLATES=1 is present in the ide.asn assignment file.