Tree View

Determines whether the Tree widget includes a tree view, or only a list view.


Dynamic? No
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: No


The tree widget must have a view specified. If you do not specify a view, the Tree View is enabled.

If both Tree View and List View are enabled, the tree widget is displayed with two panes separated by a split bar. The left pane contains the hierarchical tree structure, the right contains the nodes and leaves of the selected tree item. The List View displays both nodes and leaves. Double-clicking a node displays its leaves.

If you do not enable the List Viewwhen defining the initial tree widget properties, you cannot dynamically show or hide the list view at run time.

Note:  The List View check box in the Properties Inspector is not the same as the ListView property in ProcScript, which maps to List View Style (ListView).

Applies To

utree (Tree)

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