Uniface list of labels for columns displayed in the list view when List View Style is set to Details.

"Labels=ColumnLabel1 {!ColumnLabel2! ... { !ColumnLabeln } } "

Value Description
ColumnLabel ASCII string representing the column label (header)


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: Only applicable if List View Style is set to Details. ("ListView=R"


This property consists of a GOLD ! separated string containing labels for columns that appear in the list view that has the List View Style set to Details. These are initially defined in the Define Columns of List View dialog box when defining a tree widget for a field.

Use this property to change the labels for the columns of the list view.

If a label exceeds the size of its column, the label is truncated. Use the Column Width field (Formats property) to specify the size for each column.

Tip: To dynamically set the column appearance, use the Formats property. For more information, see Formats.

Applies To

utree (Tree)

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