Use Field Actions for All Drop Formats (DropActions)

Specifies the accepted drop actions for all selected Drag-and-Drop formats, thereby overriding the actions defined in the formats themselves.





Number that defines the default action; one of 1 (Copy), 2 (Move), or 3 (Create Shortcut)


Text for the Move action


Text for the Copy action


Text for the Create Shortcut action


Text for the Cancel action


Use this property to customize the drag and drop behavior for this widget. You can specify the actions that are enabled for this widget, the default action, and the text to be displayed in the menu. . If an action string is empty, the action is not allowed for this widget.

Each Accepted Drop Format for the widget has a set of allowed actions. If you do not set this property, the actions defined in the accepted drag-and-drop format are used

DefaultActionIndex is a Uniface list (GOLD ; separated).

Setting in ProcScript

For example, the following string means the default action is Move and the Create shortcut action is disabled.:

$properties(FLD1) = "DragFormat=MyFormat1;DropFormat=MyFormat2;DropActions=1!;Move!;Copy!;!;Cancel"

Tree Widget

In a tree widget, the drag-and-drop properties are associated with tree item types. In this case the property name incorporates the index number of the defined tree item types. For example. DropActions1 defines the actions for the first defined tree item type.

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