Uniface Resource Manager (URM)

The Uniface Resource Manager (URM) is a command-line utility for manipulating Uniface application resources. It features zip file manipulation functions and support for the standardized archive directory structure and file redirection mechanisms.

Although any zip file manipulation tool can be used to package and deploy UAR files, the default Resource Manager has features that are specifically intended for Uniface:

  • Support for Uniface .uar and .zip files.
  • Uniface import and data conversion functionality.

For more information, see urm.

Important disclaimer

If not done correctly, deploying a Uniface archive can seriously damage your deployed application. You should make sure your archive contains a consistent set of files and that deploying the archive also results in a consistent application environment.

Caution: Rocket® accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by the use of the Resource Manager. Before you deploy any archive, you should stop all Uniface processes (clients, servers, and routers) and you should make an adequate backup of your deployment environment.

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