UAR Files

A Uniface Deployment Archive (UAR) file is a zip file with a .uar extension that contains the application's runtime objects in a standardized directory structure.

UAR files can be created by configuring the IDE to compile directly to a UAR, or by using the Uniface Resource Manager (urm.exe). For more information, see Create Uniface Archive Files and urm.

Each UAR file can be deployed directly by copying it to the desired location, and editing the [RESOURCES] section of the assignment file to reference the file in this location.

Note:  UAR files created with versions of Uniface prior to Uniface 9.3 use a proprietary format rather than the zip format and are not compatible with Uniface 10.

Uniface UAR Files

Uniface delivers its own application resources as UAR files in the \common\usys directory of the Uniface installation. They can by referenced in assignment files using the USYS: prefix; for example, usys:usys.uar.

  • usys.uar—common resources needed by all Uniface applications
  • ide.uar—Uniface IDE resources for major editors
  • ide_classic—resources for global object editors and property dialogs
  • ide_messages—all messages
  • udbg.uar— Uniface Debugger resources
  • ulic.uar—Uniface License Management utility resources
  • uroutmon.uar—Uniface Router Monitor resources

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