Activate ProcScript tracing in your application



Assignment file: client assignment files
Section: [SETTINGS]
Default value: 0


Caution: ProcScript tracing has a significant impact upon performance and generates large log files, so it should only be used when trying to trace and debug a problem, preferably in a development or test environment.

ProcScript tracing enables you to log the ProcScript that was executed. You can enable and disable ProcScript tracing for the whole application using the $PROC_TRACING assignment setting, or selectively in ProcScript using the $proc_tracing function. The ProcScript function overrides the assignment setting.

You can enhance the information produced by tracing by specifying a string or expression to precede the tracing data using $PROC_TRACING_ADDITION.

By default, ProcScript tracing information is written to the log file specified by the $PUTMESS_LOG_FILE assignment setting. To set a different log file for ProcScript tracing (and profiling), use the $PROC_LOG_FILE assignment setting,

For more information, see ProcScript Profiling and Tracing.

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