Configuring Uniface and Uniface Applications

Deploying a Uniface enterprise application is largely a matter of configuring the environment to ensure that all components are running in the appropriate locations and that Uniface is able to find them. Configuration files ensure that the Uniface runtime environment can locate and initialize the application components correctly.

Assignment files specify paths and protocols, and customize the application. Initialization files customize the user interface and behavior for a specific platform.

The complexity of the environment determines the complexity of the configuration process. To configure Uniface on a standalone machine is much simpler than to configure a distributed environment with the Uniface Router, Uniface Server, and multiple databases, that also integrates with other technologies.

The documentation in this collection describes the general use of configuration files, path assignments and redirection, and assignment settings to configure Uniface and Uniface applications.

Configuration Files

Paths to Resources

Configuring Applications

Configuration Settings Reference

For information on configuring Uniface to run on specific platforms and databases, or with other technologies, see topics in the following collections: