Configuring the Uniface IDE

You can configure the Uniface IDE using the ide.asn and usys.ini files.

  1. If you use a database other than SQLite as the Repository, edit the dbms.asn file to configure the database connector for your database. For more information, see Configuring the Database Connector.
  2. Optionally, configure the location of application objects during development using the $RESOURCES_OUTPUT setting.

    The application file locations established here can also be used to set up the resource locations in the deployed application.

  3. Set script editor preferences and default templates in the ide.asnFor more information, see Set Uniface IDE Preferences.
  4. Optionally, set up your own environment for developing applications, including a program group, customized assignment files, and shortcuts that include command line switches and parameters customized for your environment.

    For more information, see Uniface Command Line Interface and Configuration Files.

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