Base class from which individual Uniface component classes are derived.

import com.compuware.uniface.*;

public class MyComponentName extends UnifaceComponent;
MyComponentName(Properties instProp)


UnifaceComponent is the base class of the Java call-in. It provides the classes that implement the activate method. UnifaceComponent calls newinstance when it is instantiated.


The following constructor produces a Java file:


  • ComponentName is the Java equivalent of the Uniface component’s name. For example, MY_MATH becomes MyMath.
  • instProp—instance properties. The property supported is the Uniface component ID. This property is usually filled by the generated Java file, and is used to compare the version of the generated Java file with the signature in the UAR.

If you want to disable component ID checking (useful during component development), you can specify an empty string as component ID. For example, if the component name is MY_MATH, the class name will be MyMath:

// Disable component ID checking for MyMath.
Properties instProps = new Properties();
instProps.put ("component_id", "");
MyMath m = new MyMath(instProps);

The following constructor produces a JavaBean file:



The following Java methods correspond to Uniface triggers and operations: