Maximum Value

Maximum value allowed for the widget

Spin Button

This value is not mapped to the widget property. Instead, it is combined with the Maximum value, and set in the ValRep list as a as Minimum:Maximum value.

For example, you can change the minimum and maximum values of a spin button widget in Proc as follows:

; set the minimum and maximum values to -15 and +15:

If the data type is numeric, the maximum integer value is 2,147,483,647 and the minimum integer value is -2,147,483,648.

Progress Bar

The default maximum value is 100, the maximum which can be assigned is 65535.

When used to show progress on processing records, for record sets smaller then 65535 records, $curocc and $hits can be used to show the progress. For record sets larger then 65535, a percentage needs to be calculated and assigned to the progress bar which then uses the default maximum setting of 100.

To show progress in an operation, the field value (numeric) is continually incremented until the maximum (defined by the Maximum property) is reached. The amount of color displayed by the control is always a ratio of the field value to the maximum value specified by the Maximum property.

For example, if the Maximum property is set to 100, a value of 50 causes the control to display 50 percent of the chunks, as shown:

Progress Bar showing 50% complete

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