Switch Palette (SwitchPalette)

This property determines whether the image's own color palette is used, or whether the current palette, which may be determined elsewhere, is used. True or False (default).

SwitchPalette="True | False"




The display palette is switched to the picture's palette when the picture gets focus.

False (Default)

The picture is displayed using the current palette. This can be the palette from another application, picture, or a uniform palette.


The Switch Palette property is only applicable if the display hardware is palette-based (most 256-color systems use a palette) and the picture carries a palette with non-standard colors (256-color pictures).

Command Button

For command buttons, this property is supported only when Representation is set to Uniface.

Setting in ProcScript

$fieldproperties(FLD) = "switchpalette=true"

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