This property determines the appearance of the command button when running on the Microsoft Windows operating system (XP and later versions). One of Windows (default), Uniface, or Header

Only before the widget is displayed: Representation="Windows | Uniface | Header"




Use the Windows command button look and feel, without image or alignment functionality


Use the Uniface command button, which supports color, image, and alignment functionality


Use the Windows button used in Windows ListView headers


This property is applicable for all Windows platforms.

Windows does not support images or content alignment in Windows command buttons, so when Representation is set to Windows, the properties that determine alignment, scaling, and aspect ratio are meaningless and have no affect, even if the target platform is not Windows.

A command button can have an image instead of, or in addition to, text. For more information, see Internalized Labels. However images are not supported on command buttons in the grid widget.

When the Representation property is set to Uniface, you have greater control over the appearance of the button. For example, you can:

  • Control the alignment of the button text and image.
  • Set background and foreground colors for the button, and change the color of the button text depending on the state.
  • Display an image in the button, either with or without text.
  • Completely replace the representation of the button with an image, and use different images depending on the button state.

Setting in ProcScript

This is a static property and can only be set in ProcScript before the form is displayed:

operation exec
end; exec

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