Specifies the font size that determines the size of the character cell, a unit of measurement that is used by Uniface to control the size and placement of forms and fields in Windows and character mode applications.


Default value: "Courier New,Western,9,regular"
File section: [screen]


The layout of a form, is based on a grid of character cells, and the size of each cell is based on Font0. A character cell is equivalent to the space occupied by one character on the screen in character mode.

The form size is defined in character cells, so a form of 35x85 is 35 character cells high and 85 cells wide.

Character cells also provide the coordinates for placing objects such as entities, labels, and fields on a form and setting the length of widgets.

The form window property Cell Height can be used to scale the grid to be larger or smaller. It can be set in the application initialization file, or in the individual forms. For more information, see Cell Height (CellHeight).