Compatibility setting that specifies the cell height (as a percentage of the cell height of Font 0) used to display widgets in Uniface Windows applications.




Percentage—allowed values are from 30 through 200.

Default value: 100(the same cell height as Font 0). The recommended value for Windows applications is 110 to ensure that widgets do not overlap.
File section: [application]


Note: This setting has been superseded by the Window CellHeight property, which can be set or in the Windows definition in the [application] section of the initialization file or in the window properties of a form component. For more information, see Window and Cell Height (CellHeight).

Setting CellHeight to 110 ensures that widget frames are drawn inside the widget frames so they do not overlap, but the size of the form is then also slightly larger. If you find the form size too large with a value of 110, you can reduce this by setting CellHeight=105. Setting the value to less than 105 causes the text in input fields to be slightly truncated at the bottom.


For compatibility reasons, if the CellHeight initialization setting in the [upi] section is set to a value other than 100, it takes precedence over the value set by Window setting in the [application] section.

The setting is ignored for a form in which if the Cell Height property is specified.

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