Welcome to the Rocket BlueZone Display and Printer User Guide. This guide is intended to provide help installing, configuring, and using the Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation Suite. For more in depth configuration information, see to the Rocket BlueZone Desktop Administrator Guide for BlueZone desktop installations and the Rocket BlueZone Web-to-Host Administrator' Guide for Web-to-Host installations.


BlueZone is a comprehensive, fully featured Windows-based secure LAN/WAN to host connectivity product. BlueZone can be installed on any Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 system where users require secure (using SSL and TLS encryption) and non-secure access to Telnet and FTP hosts.

BlueZone contains the following terminal emulation clients:
  • BlueZone IBM 3270 Display Emulator
  • BlueZone IBM 3270 Printer Emulator
  • BlueZone IBM 5250 Display Emulator
  • BlueZone IBM 5250 Printer Emulator
  • BlueZone VT - VT100, VT220, VT320 Emulator
  • BlueZone Secure FTP Client
  • BlueZone 6530 Display Emulator *
  • BlueZone Unisys UTS Display Emulator *
  • BlueZone Unisys T27 Display Emulator *
* Available as an additional cost option.

From the user perspective, BlueZone for the Desktop and BlueZone Web-to-Host share identical look, feel, and features, providing the same interface for internal users using BlueZone Desktop, and external web users using BlueZone Web-to-Host. The primary difference between the products is the method of delivery to the user. BlueZone Desktop can be installed like any desktop application or it can be installed through a web browser. BlueZone Web-to-Host is delivered and updated through a web browser with virtually no user intervention. Functionally, BlueZone Desktop and BlueZone Web-to-Host are identical. Throughout this help system, all references to BlueZone can be assumed to be applicable to both BlueZone Desktop and BlueZone Web-to-Host unless otherwise noted. For details on the installation and configuration of BlueZone Web-to-Host, on your web server, refer to the BlueZone Web-to-Host Administrator Guide located on the BlueZone CD image.

BlueZone Web-to-Host users may not have access or been granted the authority to make changes to their configurations. All of the features listed in the online help are available to BlueZone Web-to-Host users and may be granted on a user, group, or global basis. Refer to the BlueZone Desktop Administrator Guide for detailed information about managing user configurations.