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Dear U2 Community,

How did it get to be mid-July already? May was a busy month as I traveled to Australia to meet with U2 partners, and then on to New Zealand where I addressed over 40 customers at an event in Auckland. Andrew Aho, Rocket Sales Manager for Asia Pacific accompanied me on this trip. We are both excited about the synergy between U2 and other Rocket products.

In June, we met with our worldwide distributor partners at Rocket headquarters in Newton, MA. We took the picture below in the office lobby. It was a very productive meeting in which we discussed current business objectives and future goals.

I’m pleased to report that we had a very solid second quarter, with strong license sales in the US. I’m hoping that this is a sign that the economy is turning, and that we’ll see continued growth in the second half of the year.

The venue for U2 University 2010 has been decided. We’ll be at the Warwick Denver Hotel, which is located a couple blocks from the end of the 16th Street Mall. We’ve reviewed the proposed session topics for U2 University, and will be making final selections soon. In response to your feedback about last year’s events, we will include the tutorials in the basic registration fee. Our plan is to run them sequentially, rather than concurrently, which will allow people to attend more than one of these in-depth technical sessions. So you’ll get three full days of technical education for the same price as last year’s event.

Registration for the US event is now open. Go to http://u2u.rocketsoftware.com. Keep an eye on this Web site, as it will be updated frequently with additional information. The dates and venues for the UK and Australia events will be posted as soon as we have the venues confirmed.

- Susie Siegesmund
   Vice President and General Manager, Rocket U2

Standing L-R: Kurt Neumann, Derek Murr , Sean Raynor, Stuart Shepherd, Eric Delobelle, John Mathieu, Deb Perry, Neil Tiver, Martin Meier
Kneeling L-R: George Land, Heinz Ehrsam, Susie Siegesmund, Elizabeth Thomas, Ailsa McAlees, Ron Bleakney

Product Information

Product Availability

The following products have been released recently:

  • UniData Clients 7.2A on Windows
  • UniData Server 7.2.6 on AIX, Solaris
  • Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT) 1.2.1 on Windows
  • SB/XA 6.0.3
  • SB/XA 6.0.3 Personal Edition
  • wIntegrate 6.2 on Windows

For information on the latest releases of U2 products look for the U2 Product Availability Matrix at u2tc.rocketsoftware.com/matrix.asp.

Only Three More Months to Get Legacy On-line Documentation

As of 30 September we will be removing old documentation from our Web site and replacing it with the latest documentation versions. If you wish to keep old versions of our documentation, please download them before that deadline. After September 30th, older documentation will only be available via U2BusinessConnect download.

Windows Platform Support Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at u2askus@rs.com are related to specific versions, service packs, editions etc. of the Windows versions we support for a given product. Given the hundreds of possible combinations, it can be difficult to keep the product availability matrix (PAM) up-to-date and easy to read. While we are working to update and streamline our PAM, the following information should give you an idea of the scope of our testing:

At each U2 product major release we determine the lowest version of Windows supported by Microsoft and whether it should be tested on a Server version (2003, 2008), a Client version (XP, Vista, Windows 7), or both, since customers often demo their application on laptops. We generally test on the highest edition level of the O/S (e.g. Vista Ultimate) and support all levels except for Home editions. For the most part, we do not specify the edition on the PAM. However, we do test and note our support of the Small Business Server suite.

All U2 products on Windows are currently built as 32-bit products and are tested on both 32 and 64 bit platforms across a variety of versions, editions, service packs. We generally do update our test platforms to the latest service pack as soon as it is feasible and note the completion of our testing on the PAM.

What if you don’t see your specific combination of version, edition, suite, service pack, etc.? Chances are good that the U2 product is, in fact, supported by virtue of previous testing and/or binary compatibility. For major releases of the Windows operating system and new service packs, we will schedule our QA tests and note support in the Product Availability Matrix as soon as possible. If you hit a situation where you have a problem on a Windows O/S release that we have not specified, we may require that the problem be reproduced on a lower O/S version.

Special Product Lifecycle End of Marketing Announcement for IBM Branded Products

As we approach the one year anniversary of the U2 family joining Rocket Software, this special Product Lifecycle announcement notes the end of marketing for product versions that still retain the IBM branding. End of Marketing status indicates that U2 is no longer actively marketing a product version to new customers, due to the availability of later versions. Existing customers can still acquire additional user licenses and maintenance. Effective September 30, 2010 the following product versions will move into End of Marketing (EOM) status:

  • UniData 7.1, 7.2.0-4
  • UniData 7.2 Clients
  • UniVerse 10.2, 10.3.0-5
  • U2.NET 1.1
  • U2 Web DE 4.3, 4.4.0-2
  • SB/XA 6.0.0, 6.0.1
  • SB+/SBClient 5.4.0-3

For a full description of available options on product versions in EOM or End of Service (EOS) status, please see your U2 Handbook or contact your U2 Provider. In order to determine the Product Lifecycle Status of a given product version, please see the product availability matrix. If you have any questions, please contact u2askus@rs.com.

Announcing SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) 6.0.3

Hot on the heels of 6.0.2 (which was released last month), we have released SB/XA 6.0.3, which includes additional updates for cross-domain certification and derived field display together with updated Rocket branded documentation. SB/XA 6.0.3 which will replace SB/XA 6.0.2 will also be available as a Personal Edition (PE) for you to freely download and try with the U2 Database Personal Editions. Download SB/XA and other Personal Editions here.

Announcing wIntegrate V6.2.0

wIntegrate offers terminal emulation and application renovation, supporting rich or thin-client deployments that can truly take your legacy applications to the next level. wIntegrate v6.2.0 offers new functionality by implementing Secure Shell (SSH) as an alternative to Telnet on UNIX- based systems. SSH data encryption provides confidentiality and integrity over insecure networks and is a valuable tool in meeting corporate governance and compliance standards. This feature supports connections to both U2 and non-U2 databases on any UNIX system configured to use SSH to secure its applications.

wIntegrate V6.2.0 also provides sample before-and-after code and data files showing how a parameter-based green-screen application can be automatically converted to a true GUI application. The resulting GUI forms can be extended to take advantage of modern PC features such as third-party ActiveX controls, Office integration, or even the Java thin client. Click here to view the associated Tech Note.

Go from this:

To this:

Important Lifecycle reminder for wIntegrate users

A special Lifecycle announcement was made in December 2009 for wIntegrate. wIntegrate v6.2.0 will replace all previous versions of wIntegrate as of December 31, 2010. All previous versions of wIntegrate will be put into End Of Marketing, End Of Service and End of Life (EOL).

End of Marketing status indicates that U2 is no longer actively marketing a product version due to the availability of later versions. End of Service status indicates that full Technical Support is no longer available for the product version. Renewal of Maintenance will still be available and will continue to provide the ability to upgrade to a later version at no cost. If Maintenance is no longer in effect, a reinstatement fee will be charged before allowing an upgrade to a later version. End of Life status means that Rocket U2 is no longer selling a product version. When a product version is EOL, you may not acquire new licenses or add users to an existing license. You may renew maintenance to provide the ability to upgrade to a later version at no cost. If you are not on maintenance, you can reinstate maintenance in order to upgrade to a later version.

For a full description of available options on product versions in EOM, EOS or EOL status, please see your U2 Handbook or contact your U2 Provider. In order to determine the Product Lifecycle Status of a given product version, please see the Product Availability Matrix.

If you have any questions, please contact u2askus@rs.com.

Announcing U2 DeveloperZone

Rocket U2 is busy making the final preparations to launch U2 DeveloperZone, a new Web site to help brand new and experienced developers do more with U2. DeveloperZone will include helpful “how to” instructional videos, free software downloads and eventually a forum for sharing information. DeveloperZone will help you advance your U2 skills. More information coming soon.

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U2 University 2010 Registration Now Open!

Join us in Denver in November for U2U 2010! This year’s event will feature even more technical content. Come meet the engineers who design our products and the technical gurus who support you. Learn about third party tools to enhance your application. The dates for U2U in Denver in 2010 will be November 9 through 11. The Australia event will be in February of 2011; and we expect to be in the UK in March of 2011. If you have any questions or suggestions for the upcoming U2U series, email u2askus@rs.com.

Register now at u2u.rocketsoftware.com; additional attendees from the same company receive a discount! The November event will be held at The Warwick Denver hotel. Use booking code 0711US to get your U2U rate of $139/night.

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Education Updates

Q2 2010 Education Course Schedule Now Online

View the full course schedule at www.rocketsoftware.com/u2/training. Please email u2bc@rs.com to register or for more information.

2H2010 Education Course Schedule Available

The Rocket U2 education course schedule for the second half of 2010 is now online. Our new SBXA course will be offered the weeks of August 3 and November 2. The November 2 course is the week preceding U2 University (U2U). Receive a 25% discount on the SBXA course when you register for U2U.

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Getting the Most Out of wIntegrate 6.2

Have you heard about the latest features in wIntegrate 6.2? Do you want to know how SSH affects your Customers or how to turn your green screens to GUI? Or if you just want to know the future lifecycle plans for wIntegrate, tune in to this latest podcast which will take you through wIntegrate and the new features and capabilities in V6.2. Access the recorded presentation.

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SB/XA Webinars

With the recent success of the SB/XA webinars, we’d like to hear what else you want to know about SB/XA. SB/XA webinars provide Web-based sessions with product specialists presenting short topics focused on specific product areas or product overviews. Webinars are recorded and posted to the Rocket U2 Web site for you to review at any time, and range from 30-90 minutes in length. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about something in SystemBuilder but didn’t know where to go, this is your chance to let us know what else you need. Please email u2askus@rs.com with the topic "SB/XA webinar" and let us know what else we can share with you.

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Rocket U2 Welcomes Mark Sapp

Mark Sapp has joined the U2 team working on our U2BusinessConnect application. Mark has worked in MultiValue since the late 80's, and holds a U2 Family Application Development certification. Mark owns five guitars so we’re hoping he’ll write a song about Rocket U2.

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Support Corner

U2 Support Public Tech Notes

A serious defect, identified in eCase 13030, affects all platforms of UniVerse 10.3.6 and 10.3.7. Beginning with release 10.3.6, an issue has been detected which can occur when the uvconfig UVTSORT parameter is set to 1. If a sort operation (i.e. SORT, SSELECT, etc.) is performed where the number of records being sorted exceeds the uvconfig QSRUNSZ parameter (default value of 2000), the user shared memory segment will be marked for deletion when the sort process completes. This can result in a number of outcomes including, but not limited to, problems displaying lock ownership, problems with commands not echoing input, and, most importantly, unexpected releasing of locks.

It is highly recommended that the UVTSORT uvconfig parameter be set to 0 if running any of the affected releases. This can be done by stopping UniVerse, modifying the uvconfig file to set UVTSORT to 0, executing the uvregen command, and then restarting UniVerse. This change should not cause a major impact on the performance of your application. For more information, see the U2 Public TechNotes (#1410020).

Entitled U2 Tech Notes

SBXA-11 (use the Search Term “SBXA-11” and select the Search Option “Exact Phrase”)

Why is the Font command in the SBClient Setup drop-down menu unavailable?

When the SBClient menu is fully extended in full screen mode, SBClient cannot change the screen fonts. This causes the font command to appear dimmed.

Minimize the SBClient screen using the icon in the upper right hand corner. Once the SBClient screen is not fully extended, the Font command will be available.

Additional recently added Entitled Technotes:

UCC-10 (Q00806) – (UniObjects.NET)
How to run a UniData or UniVerse command using the UO.NET Command Object without installing Visual VB.NET 2005
Tool: uonetcmdvb2005_deploy.zip

UCC-11 (Q00490) – (UniOLEDB)
How to execute SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements using the UniOLEDB without installing Visual VB.NET 2005
Tool: adocmdsqlnet_deploy.zip

UCC-12 (Q00677) – (ODBC)
ODBC VB.NET sample program for use with SQL SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE statements without installing Visual VB.NET 2005
Tool: adoodbcxnet_deploy.zip

UCC-13 (Q00295) – (UniObjects)
How to run a UniData or UniVerse command using the UniObjects Command Object without installing Visual VB.NET 2005
Tool: uocommandxnet_deploy.zip

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Partner News

Kore Technologies, a provider of enterprise integration and eCommerce Web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases, is now a resale partner for Rocket Software’s CorVu business intelligence and analytics products. Read the Press Release.

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U2 University 2010 Registration Now Open!
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