Rocket MVS Toolkit Product Key Acquisition

Please provide the required information including your System ID, Email address and Platform of the MVS Web Service Provider you are activating.

The provided System ID must be associated to either D3 9.0 (AIX, Linux or Windows) and above or Rocket mvBase Database Management System 3.0 and above.

Toolkit will not function with lower level releases.

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  System ID *

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  Platform *

  Version *

The Rocket MVS Toolkit is supported on both the Linux and Windows platforms. In order to receive the correct MVS Toolkit Product Key for activation, please select the platform that matches the MVS Toolkit download selected.

The system being activated must be covered by a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

Each MVS Toolkit Product Key is licensed for use on one machine. If you need to install the software on additional machines, please contact your Rocket Software Sales representative.

If you should encounter any problems with your activation, please contact Rocket Software Support.

Perform an Online Manual Activation