mvBase Fast Fault Recovery

The "Hot Standby" system - Fast Fault Recovery (FFR) for the mvBase platform - can be an integral part of your overall technology strategy. Below are some common questions regarding Rocket's data backup solution for uninterrupted operation.

Q. – Why would I need a solution for uninterrupted operation?

A. – Today's focus is on security and protecting data against business interruptions of any kind. Where system failure is a major concern, it is very important to incorporate IT strategies that significantly limit downtime. The FFR solution can dramatically reduce the financial costs involved as well as help protect a company's valuable reputation.

Q. – What is Fast Fault Recovery (FFR)?

A. – FFR is an mvBase software procedure where a tape link is established between a primary mvBase server and a secondary mvBase server. Selected transactions are transferred to the secondary mvBase server and continually restored to this backup server through the tape link much like any tape function, maintaining a copy of the database, ready to handle the workload should a system failure occur on the primary mvBase server.

Q. – How does it work?

A. – A secondary mvBase database server is required to be the same specification as the primary mvBase server. The FFR secondary mvBase server can be in any location where a reliable TCP/IP (an industry standard communications protocol) network connection can be made between the two servers. If the primary mvBase server fails, users can be switched immediately to the secondary mvBase server, minimizing downtime to just the time it takes to re-establish the users terminal connections on the secondary mvBase server.

mvBase server setup

With FFR, downtime can be virtually eliminated; the only possible data loss would be to any updates that were not successfully received by the secondary mvBase server at the time of the system failure.

For additional information on FFR, please see the section "Configuring Two Systems with Multiple Network Interface Cards to Support Transaction Logging Between Them for Hot Standby (FFR) Purposes" in the mvBase Frequently Asked Questions and Tech Tips document.

To discuss your business security requirements and for FFR sales and pricing information, please contact your Rocket Software sales representative at (949) 442-4400 or email Sales, UK Sales, or France Sales.

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