Software requirements

Review the following system requirements prior to installing D3 Oracle Gateway.


AIX version 5L or higher and the C compiler must be installed on the system.


Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 or higher and the C compiler must be installed on the system.

D3 version 7.4.1 or later

You must have D3 7.4.1 or later installed on your system to continue.

Oracle version 11g Runtime Client

The Oracle version 11g runtime client. Note that the 32 bit version of the runtime client is required, even if you are running on a 64 bit platform.

Install and configure Oracle Net on both the D3 machine and the Oracle machine following the instructions in the Oracle documentation. Test the connection to Oracle using SQL*PLUS. (SQL*PLUS is included in the Oracle client runtime install.)

The Oracle files listed below are needed to build an OSFI Oracle-enabled monitor:

Directory File Names and Description


Oracle libraries:, where xx is the Oracle version number.
ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/ tnsnames.ora This file is created using Oracle’s network manager utility and is distributed to each node on the network. (You can copy this file from the Oracle server’s /ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory over to the D3 system.)