Installing for D3 AIX or Linux

Complete these instructions to install D3 Oracle Gateway for D3 AIX or Linux,


  1. Log in to Unix as root.
  2. Log on to D3 as user dm to the dm account.
  3. Shut down D3. Enter:
  4. Respond Y at the prompt: Do you wish to continue (Y/N/0)?

    Wait for the Flush complete message to display. It may display before or after the virtual machine halted message.

  5. (For AIX Only) Create a directory on which to mount the CD. Enter:
    mkdir /cdrom
  6. (For AIX Only) Load and mount the D3 Oracle Gateway CD on the /cdrom directory. For example:
    mount -v cdrfs -r /dev/cd0 /cdrom

    If /dev/cd0 is not the correct device name, contact your system administrator for the correct device name.

  7. Enter these commands:

    For Linux:

    cd /usr/lib/pick
    tar xvf /media/D3OracleGW/linux/D3OG*.tar

    For AIX:

    cd /usr/lib/pick 
    tar xvf /cdrom/aix/D3OG*.tar
    Warning: For AIX Only: If running a 64-bit version of Oracle, you must modify the ADDON_LIBS= item of the script in the /user/lib/pick/dog-7.4.0 directory by changing the lib portion of the directory reference to lib32. For example: /ora01/app/product/9.2.0/lib32.
  8. Define the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

    Contact your Oracle Database Administrator for assistance or refer to your Oracle documentation for the correct location for your system. Possible values are /u0l/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/client_1/.

  9. Back up the existing ODBC server (/usr/bin/odbcsrv) and monitor (/usr/bin/ap or /usr/bin/d3) since the next command overwrites them.
  10. Change the user in the pick0 file to root.
  11. Run the D3_setup program. Enter:

    See the D3 AIX Installation Guide for detailed instructions.

  12. Restart the D3 virtual machine. Enter:
    d3 -0

    The installation is complete. To activate, contact Rocket Customer Service.