t-link command

The t-link command links or cascades one tape device to another tape device, either in a chain or a loop. Instead of prompting for the next reel, the system uses the forwardly linked device specified. Tape attachment is not checked. This command updates the links of the tape devices.

When all the devices have been used in a chain, the system remains on the current device and prompts for the next reel, if necessary. If the links are set up as a loop, the system never prompts for the next reel. It is up to the operator to mount the next reel properly.

All tape drives involved in the cascade must be at the same block size or be able to be changed to the starting drives block size automatically by the system for the cascade to succeed. Remember, certain tape types like floppy disk drives are limited in their block sizes available.


t-link device.num, device.num,...{option}


option c Clears all links for the first device number specified or all devices if none is specified.


Tape device 6 cascades into tape device 8 if the end of the reel is encountered on device 6. No prompt for the next reel occurs.

t-link 6,8

Tape device 2 and 3 are linked as a loop, 2 is linked to 3 and 3 is linked back to 2.

t-link 2,3,2

Tape devices 2 to 5 are all linked or cascaded together. Only, after device 5 is filled does the system prompt for the next reel.

t-link 2,3,4,5

Clears the links associated with tape device 4. This device prompts for the next reel when the EOT is reached.

t-link 4 (c