t-copy command

The t-copy BASIC program copies data from one device to another.


t-copy source.device dest.device{(file.count}


file.count Specifies number of file segments to copy. Default is 1 file segment. For example, a file in t-dump format is written on tape as 1 file segment. A file-save or account-save on tape is written as 2 file segments, plus 1 file segment for each account. Therefore, to copy to the first account of a save, specify a file count of 3; to copy the first two accounts, specify a file count of 4; and so on.
Note: Both source and destination devices must be attached to the current process.



15 dm dm

Tape  Status          17 Feb 2003      11:46:41
#     Type            Density          Owner       Device Name
0  |  Floppy       |  3 1/2" 1.44M  |  15*   +  |  /dev/rpdsk/2
1  |  Floppy       |  5 1/4" 1.2M   |           |  /dev/rpdsk/3
2  |  Quarter Inch |  High          |  15*      |  /dev/rmt/0n

Copies the contents of device 0 to device 2, up to the third EOF mark. If device 0 contains data in save format, this copies the first account on tape.

t-copy 0 2 (3

Copies up to the first EOF mark (default file count is 1). In this case, if device 0 contains data in t-dump format, this copies the t-dump from device 0 to device 2.

t-copy 0 2