t-bck command

The t-bck command backspaces the tape to the end of the previous file or a specified number of blocks.

For Windows: Not Supported

Warning: The t-bck command is only reliable on floppy disks and 1/2-inch tapes. SCTs cannot go backwards, so the t-bck command may fail. The last block read may still be in the buffer, which can be useful for reading labels. SCTs usually must be rewound with the t-rew command and moved forward with the t-fwd or t-space command to the desired tape file.


t-bck {number}


number Indicates the number of blocks to backspace. If the number is not specified, the tape backspaces to a position immediately preceding the previous EOF mark, or to load point. Before reading the next file, a t-fwd command must be issued to position the tape after the EOF mark.