set-incremental command

The set-incremental command enables or disables the incremental save feature.

For Windows: Not Supported


set-incremental {(option}


option f Turns off the incremental save.
n Turns on the incremental save.

By default, the incremental save is enabled at every boot. Some users who are not using the incremental save may wish to disable this feature as this makes the clearing dirty bits phase of the standard save take far less time.

Using set-incremental with no options displays the current status.

Note: If the user wants to use the incremental save after disabling it with this command, it is necessary to turn the incremental feature on, perform a full save, and then do an incremental save. Failure to do the full save before the first incremental produces invalid results.

To keep the incremental save disabled permanently, it is necessary to place the line set-incremental (f in the user-coldstart macro in dm,md, file.