set-def-tape-blk command

There are two methods to configure the drive in variable block size mode:

  • By executing commands.
  • By placing the command in the dm, md, user-coldstart item.

For Windows: Not Supported

For AIX: Not Supported

For Linux: Supported

Note: To use this command, you must have root privileges and the D3 port must be started by entering d3 -0 -l (lowercase l).


set-def-tape-blk block.size device.number


block.size Size of the block.
device.number Number of the tape device.

From the TCL prompt:

  1. Enter:


    Review the list of devices and determine the correct device.

  2. Enter:

    !mt -f setblk 0

    where is the device name listed in the TCL command.

    Execute this command after every Linux shutdown.


To set tape device number 5 to a physical block size of 512, enter:

set-def-tape-blk 512 5