print-filter command

The print-filter command controls the ways attribute and value marks are displayed or printed.


print-filter {(options}


options n Makes attribute and value marks printable.
f Leaves attribute and value marks unchanged.
The print-filter command should always be used in conjunction with the crt-delimiters command.

If the print-filter command is issued without an option, the current setting status is returned.

In conjunction with the crt-delimiters command, the print-filter command allows attribute and value marks to display or print in three different ways, according to this table:

delimiters    filter   print                 |   crt statements
(f            (f       unchanged (x’fe’)
(n            (f       unchanged (x’fd’)
(f            (n       ’^’,’]                |   cr/lf
(n            (n       ’^’ and ’]’

The print-filter command takes precedence over the crt-delimiters command. As a result, when the print-filter is set to off, the crt-delimiters has no effect. At boot time, the print-filter defaults to on.

Note: The print-filter command stops printing when the first unprintable character is encountered.