print-err command

The print-err command provides a means of displaying messages from the messages file in their output format.


print-err file.reference msg.list{(options)}


file.reference Name of the file, usually messages, that contains the message list.
msg.list Indicates one or more item-IDs of items in the messages file.
options n No pause option suppresses pause at end of page on terminal display.
p Directs output to the printer, via the spooler.
s Used in FlashBASIC to allow stacked input.

Messages are generally kept in the dm,messages, file, but the process may specify any file which contains items with a similar format to the items in dm,messages, file.


Shows that it did not work, but it actually did. Message 3 prints when an invalid command is issued. The 'A' is where the invalid command would display.

print-err messages 3

[3] The command ’A’ is not defined.

print-err messages 333

[333] The file of files cannot be cleared or deleted.

print-err messages 659 536

[659] Line printer ready.
[536] already logged off

data "stuff"
execute "print-err dm,messages, 201"

This FlashBASIC code produces the output:

[201] ’stuff’ is not a file name.