pr-spool-job command

The pr-spool-job command respools a spooler hold job. The user can select a one-time sp-assignment for this job by placing the desired sp-assign options after the open parenthesis at TCL.


pr-spool-job spooler.job{(options}


options copies Integer number in the range 1-125. Indicates the number of copies (default = 1).
a Output goes to the alternate port on the current terminal. To function correctly, the auxiliary port on and off commands must be defined for the current terminal in the devices file.
Note: The a option does not suppress output to the system printer by default. To disable system printer output, use the s option as well.
d Delays sending output to the queue. The output is delayed until the file is closed. This option must not be used with the i option. This option overrides the i option.
fnumber Specifies the output queue into which a print file will be inserted. The number must be between 0 and 125, inclusive. The default output queue is 0. Each output queue is assigned to a specific printer.
h Spools output to a hold file.
m Suppresses the display of message [1151] Entry # n.
p Assigns output to the printer. This is the default.
s Suppresses output to printer.


This respools spooler job number 3 to form queue number 2. Four copies of the job will be output. Note that a comma is used to separate the form queue number 2 from the number of copies 4. Spaces cannot be used.

pr-spool-job 3 (f2,4