power-off command

The power-off command in the DM account brings the system to an orderly shutdown by logging off all users, flushing memory to disk, and parking the disk heads prior to halting the system.

If the port is not logged off by the time the power-off reaches its final phase, the port is automatically logged off.


power-off {(u}


u Unconditionally logs all ports off.

This is used prior to system shutdown to ensure that all work spaces are returned to overflow and all updated frames in memory are written to disk. The power-off command puts the machine in a halt state.

The status of the spooler displays and an option to continue is offered. If y is entered to continue, any user still logged on is logged off, all process workspaces are released, all printers are stopped, and all updated memory frames are written to disk. The system is shut down.

If the u option is not specified and any port, other than the port executing power-off, is logged on, the system prompts for each port to be logged off.


Tests the logon state of each line.


If any ports are still active, this message displays:

Line 1 is logged on as lw ts
Do you want to log it off (y/n/a)?

y Attempts to log the port off and displays the message:
[534] logoff successful.
Note: This prompt is repeated for all ports that are still active. To avoid this process, respond with an a to the prompt:
Do you want to log it off (y/n/a)?
n The message below displays and the process stops and returns to TCL:

Shutdown procedure aborted.

a Attempts to log all ports off, without prompting for a response on each open port.

After all ports are logged off, this messages display:

Detaching tape...
Spooler status:
The spooler is inactive.
Do you wish to continue (y/n)?

If the response to the question is n, this message displays:

Shutdown procedure aborted.

The process stops and returns to TCL. If the response to the question is y, this messages displays:

Terminating all print jobs.
Wrapping up process on line 1.
Wrapping up process on line 2.

After all the lines are wrapped up, this message displays:

Pause for wrapup processing to complete...
Flushing memory, boot when disk is quiescent...

After the disk settles down, this message displays:

Flush complete.