onneterror command

onneterror is a globally cataloged subroutine that can be called from the FSI when a network error occurs during FlashBASIC file I/Os. This allows users to break out of the error and customize the subroutine.


onneterror(environment, operation, errorcode, module, filename, item-ID, action)


environment Environment in which error occurred.
0 Generic I/O
1 From VME
operation Operation running when on network error occurred:
  • read
  • write
  • open
  • clear-file
  • select
  • readnext
  • key
errorcode RPC error code.
module Name of the currently running Flash module.
filename File in error.
item-ID Item-ID, if applicable.
action Action to take upon exiting.
0 Ignore error, and take the else clause, if any.
1 Abort the program.
2 Drop into the FlashBASIC debugger.


The onneterror subroutine is available in the dm account of the FSI (fsi:dm,basicprograms, onneterror)


:compile bp netter (o
[820] Creating FlashBASIC Object (Level 0 ) ...
[241] Successful compile! 3 frame(s) used.
:09:16:50 24 Jan 2006
:run bp netter
to force a NW error, unplug this computer from the NW?
Network Error !!!Running Module "netter"
write item ([//jsmith3]jsmith3:dm/dm 20365 ) cannot bind remote connection
A = Abort / D = Debug / I = Ignore ?i