mirror command

The mirror BASIC program attaches the current process (the master) to one or more slave processes. All characters input or output to or from the master process display on each slave process.


mirror port.number{,port.number...} {(options}
mirror port.number{-port.number...} {(options}


options d Designates the sequence of characters to terminate converse mode. Each character is provided in its hexadecimal equivalent of its ASCII value. Each character is separated by a comma. For example, d/41,42,43,44 indicates that an "ABCD" disconnects the link.
x Terminates mirror mode on the target device number.

The process, which initiates the mirror command, is the master. The process being attached is the slave or target.

The target slave device (the device that is being linked to the current device) must be available on the given port number. It may not be already attached to another process.

Multiple slave terminals can be designated and must be indicated in ascending order.

The master process may add additional slaves without terminating existing slaves.

A hot key sequence disconnects the link. The default hot key sequence is Esc, x. If an esc-data has not been issued previously, the process issues it automatically, so that the process is not locked out from being able to suspend the mirror.

Either the master or slave can terminate mirror with the hot key sequence. If a slave terminates, only that particular process is taken out of the mirror mode. If there are other slave processes still active, they are not affected. If the master process terminates, all slaves are disconnected.

For UNIX: If the D3 process is not connected to the virtual machine, then mirror is not allowed, even if the where command with a z option shows the port as being available.

For Windows: Supports the mirror command when the D3 process is connected to the virtual machine and when it is not connected.


Attaches terminals on ports 2, 13, and 32 to the current process.

mirror 2,13,32

Attaches port 2 and ports 5 through 10.

mirror 2,5-10

Attaches port 3 and sets the hot key sequence to +++.

mirror 3 (d/2b,2b,2b

Terminates mirror mode on port 42.

mirror 42 (x

Attaches ports 1 through 20 to the current port.

mirror 1-20