job-status command

The job-status BASIC program returns status information of a job.

For Windows: Not Supported


job-status item-ID


item-ID Specifies the ID of the job from which to return status information.

Possible status information returned:

abort Job aborted.
done Job completed.
error Error occurred.
logoff Phantom was prematurely logged off prior to job completion.
queue Job is in the queue, waiting for an available phantom process.
running Job is still running. If the job is still running but is waiting for a response to a tape prompt, these prompts may display:
Prompt Possible Responses
Parity Error Accept, Retry, Quit
Block Transfer Incomplete Accept, Retry, Quit
Media Write Protected Continue, Quit
Incorrect reel Continue, Overwrite, Quit
Reel Was Labeled Continue, Overwrite, Quit
Reel Was Unlabeled Continue, Overwrite, Quit
Need To Do Full Save Full save, Quit
Load Next Volume Continue, Quit