inputwait command

The inputwait command displays a message, and waits for given time to execute commands.


inputwait delay; text; command[ ; command... ]


delay Specifies the number of seconds to wait before executing the specified commands.
text Specifies the prompt to be displayed before waiting for input.
command [ ; command...] Specifies a list of semi-colon separated commands to execute if no input is received before the delay period expires. One or more commands can be specified.

The inputwait command displays the specified text on the screen and then waits for the number of seconds to delay before executing the specified commands. If the user interrupts the delay period by pressing any key, the commands will not be executed.

This command is useful in a macro as it provides some of the same type of functionality that is available in proc.


t-att 5
inputwait 15; Press a key to stop the file save from starting.; cls; save (fst