indexer command

The indexer BASIC program rebuilds indexes on part or all of the files of the system.


indexer {} {(options)}


options a Uses the active list as the list of files to rebuild indexes.
n Outputs report without pausing at the bottom of each page.
o Overwrites any existing index.
p Directs output to system printer via the spooler.

The indexer command rebuilds indexes for:

  • The entire file system, if no list is active or the account name is specified.

  • A specific account, if the account name is specified with the command.

  • Each account in an active list, if a list is active when the command is invoked.

This command is useful when an account-restore does not finish properly, or is voluntarily preempt.


Rebuilds all indexes in all accounts.


Rebuilds all indexes in the prod account.

indexer prod

Rebuilds the indexes for the "dm", "prod", and "accounting accounts".

select mds ’dm’ ’prod’ ’accounting’
[404] 3 items selected out of 37 items.