export command

The export command exports D3 items to UNIX files.

The attributes marks are converted to a new line (x'0a'), unless the c option is used. Other D3 delimiters (value marks and so on) are not translated.


export file.reference {item.list} {(options}
to : [dir|{unix.file{unix.file}...}]


file.reference Source of the D3 file name.
item.list List of the source items. If not specified, an active list must be present.
options c Prevents attribute marks to newline conversions.
e Used with the m option to specify the character(s) to be used to delimit the multiple D3 items within the single export item When used, the e option prompts:

Enter hex value(s) for delimiter:

0d specifies that char(13) is the inter-item delimiter.

0d0a specifies that char(13) and char(10) make up the inter-item delimiter.

If the e option is not used, the default inter-item delimiter is char(10).

g Specifies the UNIX file read/write permissions to the group. This flag may be modified by the value of umask(1) of the current process.
i Suppresses display of item-IDs.
l Converts the name of the UNIX file to lowercase before exporting.
m Allows merging multiple D3 items into a single export file. Item-IDs can be specified at the command line, or with an active list prior to invoking the export command.
w Specifies the UNIX file read/write permissions to the rest of the world. This flag can be modified by the value of umask(1) of the current process.
unix.file Created with read and write owner permissions only (mode 0600), unless the g and/or w options are used. The UNIX file variable lists the destination UNIX files. Complete path names must be used if the files are not to be exported to the current directory. The current directory may be changed with the cd command. If no destination list is provided, the source list is used as the destination list.
dir Directory path name where the destination files are to be copied. The file names are the same as the item-IDs from the source list. The l option is used to convert UNIX file names to lowercase.