dialer-copy command

The dialer-copy command queues one or more items for copy to a remote system through the dialer subsystem.


 dialer-copy {dict} file.reference itemlist{(options}
 to: sysname{!account}


sysname Remote system name to which the data is copied. The remote system must be known to the dialer subsystem.
account Optional account name on the remote system. If not specified, the account where the file is located on the local machine is used.
options b Suppresses the message n items copied.
c Copies items to a spool file.
i Suppresses the item-ID display during the copy.


For Windows: Not Supported

The data is copied on the remote system into a file, which has the same name as the source file. The item-IDs are identical. The copy is unconditional.

The copy does not actually take place at the time this command is issued. Requests are queued to the dialer for a batch copy at the time specified by the system administrator in the remote system description.

Without the c option, the item is left in the original file. Therefore, the item must not be deleted after this command dev.’ has been issued, or the actual transfer operation will not find the item and will fail. The c option copies the item to a spool file to allow deleting or modifying the item.


Example 1

Queues the item bp demo for copy to the remote system dev.

 dialer-copy bp demo
 to system:dev

Example 2

Queues a selected list of items for copy to the remote system dev. First copying the item to a spool file, so that it can be deleted or modified. The data is copied into the file bp in the account dm.new on the remote system.

 select bp = ’test]’
 dialer-copy bp (c
 to system:dev!dm.new