dev-remov command

The dev-remov BASIC program removes a specific device from the system. This command is not allowed to remove special devices, such as the BB (byte bucket) or the CO (Console). Additionally, the dev-remov command prevents the removal of tape devices that are already attached or if a higher device number is already attached.

Note: Removing a device deletes the entry in the file devs.


dev-remov type{number} {(options}




device Specifies the device to remove. If the device has an output link, or is the destination of any link, or is attached, the removal fails. The device name is the concatenation of a one-character device type code and the device number. The valid device types are:
l Line Printer. The device number is the form queue number.
m Magnetic Tapes (including floppy, pseudo, DAT, 8mm, and so on). The device number is the tape number as shown when list-device is entered at TCL.
n Windows Printer Process. The device number is the PIB number currently associated to the serial printer process.
r Windows Pick Remote port
s Serial. The device number is the PIB number currently associated to the device.
t Telnet. The device number is the PIB number currently associated to the Telnet connection.
options s Removes a telnet server (instead of a specified Telnet client pib). For example:

This form removes Telnet client pib 23:

dev-remov t23
This form removes the Telnet Server at port 23:
dev-remov t23 (s
  • A device can be added with the dev-make command.

  • After a dev-remov on a telnet or serial port, it may be necessary to issue a reset-user command if the process was not at logon.

  • A Telnet device may be removed, but Telnet devices cannot be created with the dev-make command. They are created on demand when a client establishes a connection.

  • When removing a devices type of p, s, t, n or r, a clear-locks command will be executed for the associated PIB as part of the cleanup when removing the device.


The serial device 100 is removed from the system.

dev-remov s100

On a Telnet connection, this command disconnects the client.

dev-remov t12

On a Serial connection, this command frees the serial device for use by another Windows application.

dev-remov s

On a Printer device, this command makes the form queue unavailable for printing.

dev-remov l16

On a magnetic device, this command removes the tape number 3 from the device list.

dev-remov m3

On a Windows printer process, this command frees the PIB for use by another device, but the printer should be stopped with stopptr and killed with sp-kill before executing dev-remov.

dev-remov n9

Removes Telnet client pib 23.

dev-remov t23

Removes the Telnet Server at port 23.

dev-remov t23 (s