dev-att command

The dev-att BASIC program attaches an unattached port to the current process. This command only changes ownership and is required prior to using the get or send statements in BASIC.

The user gets exclusive ownership of the attached port. No other processes are allowed to attach to the port until the owner releases the port.

The port is detached by using the TCL command dev-det or by logging off.

If the target port is not linked to the current process, the target port must be unlinked by the unlink-pibdev command, or use the u option to force the unlink.

Attaching to a device the current process is linked to, but does not remove that link.


dev-att port.number{(options}


options q Quiet
u Unlinks the target device if required.
Note: Attachment fails on a linked device, unless the current process is linked to it.


Attaches port 3 to process 0.

dev-att 3
Device # 3: Attached to pib # 0