delete-account command

The delete-account BASIC program deletes an entire account, and all the associated files, returning the space used to the overflow table and removing the account name from the mds file.

The prompt Display files before deleting (<y>,n)? displays after invoking delete-account. A y response displays each file in the account.

This should only be executed from the dm account with all the users logged off. After all of the files to be deleted have optionally been listed, the operator is asked if the account should still be deleted. This requires a y or n response prior to deletion.



Parameter(s) Required. Account to delete.
option t Deletes all SQL tables created for files in that account. Additionally, any item or Q-pointer in the SQL account that references the deleted account is also deleted.
z Deletes accounts without displaying any files or confirming the deletion.


delete-account old.production