decatalog command

The decatalog command removes the compiled BASIC or FlashBASIC object code of the specified items from the dictionary of the specified file, and removes the corresponding command entry (or entries) from the master dictionary of the current account.


Warning: The file containing BASIC source code items must be defined as a two-level file, that is, it must have both a dictionary and data section.
decatalog file.reference itemlist*


A program does not have to be previously cataloged to be decataloged. If the program command does not exist in the master dictionary, decatalog still deletes the object code.

Once a program item has compiled successfully, an object-code pointer item is placed in the dictionary level of the file. This pointer item defines the virtual location where the object code is actually stored. The name of the object pointer item is the same as that of the source program itself.


 decatalog bp enter.supplier
 [242] ’enter.supplier’ decataloged!