create-account command

The create-account BASIC program creates a new master dictionary, copies all the necessary items into it, and updates the mds file with the name and address.

The newac file in the dm account contains the items that are placed into a new account master dictionary. Additional, application-specific items may be added to newac. For security purposes, items can be removed from newac as well. For example, dangerous commands such as delete-file and clear-file could be either removed or renamed to prevent accidental use.

For a complete description of the attributes requested in create-account, see Master dictionary. If the account name is omitted from the command line, the process prompts for it.


create-account {VME:} {} {(options}


{VME:} (Optional) For Windows: By default, the account is created in the FSI. To create the account in the VME, use this optional prefix.  Name of account.
Note: The following reserved characters are not supported for use in account names:


options h For Hot-Backup purposes, suppresses updates to the new account from newac items.
l For Hot-Backup purposes, specifies that files in the account are logged.
s Creates a case sensitive account.
t For Hot-Backup purposes, specifies that files in the account are not logged (applicable if logging all files).
x Specifies that files in the account are not saved during a regular backup and are not logged via Hot Backup.
y Specifies that files in the account are saved (but not their contents) during a regular backup. Also, files are not logged via Hot Backup.


create-account fred
mds,, ’fred’ NEW ITEM size = 31
mds,,      fred
type      D
modulo      37
justification      L
width      12

mds,, Item-ID of the account to create.
type Describes the type of item.
  • D indicates this is a file-defining item. (local)

  • DS-pointer account indicates case-sensitivity (local).

  • R indicates this is an OSFI file-defining item (remote)

modulo Modulo used in creating the file for this account.
retrieval codes and update lock codes Unique locks for limiting access to files within the account.
password Optional logon password for this account. The password displays as a formula conversion in hexadecimal.
syspriv User privilege level. This can be sys0, sys1, or sys2.
justification and width Describes the output specifications for the master dictionary.
reallocation Describes the reallocation modulo for the master dictionary, if any. This value must be enclosed in parentheses.