conv-case command

The conv-case BASIC program converts the characters within specified items plus the item-ID to uppercase or lowercase, according to the options provided.

If no option is provided, all characters are converted to uppercase.


conv-case file.reference itemlist*{(options)}


options ? Provides help on the syntax and options (below).
e Used with q option to convert case of items within quotation marks due to chain, tcl, and execute statements. If the e option is used by itself, all characters are changed to uppercase. If e is used with the q option, it changes everything except for strings in quotation marks that are not preceded by chain, tcl, or execute.
i Suppresses display of item-IDs.
l Converts uppercase text to lowercase.
o Outputs the item-IDs on the same line.
q Leaves text within quotation marks unchanged.
u Converts lowercase text to uppercase (default).


Converts all the items in the bp file to uppercase characters, except for literals, inside quotation marks or backslash characters. Each item-ID displays on a separate line.

conv-case bp * (equ