clear-index command

The clear-index command clears the specified B-tree index expression in the specified file, leaving only a null root. This command is not supported in the FSI.


clear-index file.reference attribute.defining.item{(options)}
clear-index file.reference a.code{(options)}
clear-index file.reference *{(options)}


a.code Specifies the a processing code that is used in forming the keys to the index. The processing code must include an attribute number immediately after the a. The first attribute number in the processing code is the master attribute. This attribute determines the number of values that an index key generates.
* Clears al indexes.
options c Specifies a case sensitive index. Default is case insensitive.


Clears the index on attribute 1 of the entity file.

clear-index entity a1

Clears all indexes from the invoices file.

clear-index invoices *