check-ws command

The check-ws BASIC program validates the integrity of the workspace for a given port.


check-ws {port.number}


port.number Integer number that displays or changes settings for the port number. If it is not specified, the process prompts for it.

If the process works successfully, two numbers display:

0000 00


0000 Workspace status.
00 Level

The table below illustrates the workspace status tally.

Note: The bits are grouped in four sets of four bits.
abcd efgh ijkl mnop


a child.pcb dtally bad
b pcb fid bad
c pcb links bad
d scb bad
e dcb bad
f db table bad
g sws bad
h ovf.stk bad
i ibbeg fid bad
j FlashBASIC workspace bad
k fopen table bad
l local group lock table bad
m save.itm,, bad
n available, not used
o pbuf begfid bad
p available, unused


The table above can be used to verify the output. In this example, the workspace status tally is 0040, which means that the basic workspace is bad. The 01 indicates that this process is at level 01.

check-ws 49
0040 01