Line continuation

Any line ending with an underscore is merged with the succeeding line when processed by the paragraph processor.

Note: Leading spaces on the next line are truncated.


This paragraph extracts the file name from the second word of the original TCL statement. If the parameter is not present, then the paragraph prompts for the name. Next, the line File={} displays. After that, the user is prompted for items in {}(return to terminate)>.

The <<enter file>> prompt is repeated, but the paragraph processor substitutes the existing file name since it has already been entered. At the Items... prompt, the user may type several item names followed by pressing ENTER. After terminating the input by entering a null entry, the paragraph displays a listing of those items in the desired file.

display file = <<i2,enter file>>
list <<enter file>> _
<<r,items in <<enter file>> (return to terminate)>> a1 a3 a3

This paragraph lists the default file of bp if no file is specified. When listing the file, it first prompts for the options.


* List a default file if not specified
if <<c2>> = "" then go default
list <<c2>> (<<Input options>>
if 1 = 1 then go done
default: list bp (<<Input options>>
done: * Done with paragraph